Justin Steinle - Multi-Channel Marketing Professional

About Justin Steinle

Over the course of his career, Justin Steinle has offered multimedia marketing solutions and media plan development targeted toward reaching the clients business objectives. He emphasizes diversified plans that include a broad range of media types, including print, radio, television, search engine optimization and pay-per-click. In choosing and maintaining media buys specifically designed to suit the client business goals, Justin Steinle applies complex analytics and media metrics to assess performance and optimize based on the specific data points.

Justin Steinle also works to drive potential client customers through business development and lead generation strategies. He seeks out opportunities at all stages of the consumer decision making cycle, beginning with the nurturing of interest and progressing through the consumer’s decision making cycle. Within the context of this process, he integrates data systems that support informed marketing expense decisions.

Mr. Steinle comes to his work with experience in television, radio, print, and Internet advertising. In addition, he holds a bachelor of science in business administration and management from the University of Mary, where he focused on marketing.